Cities for the People

Today’s cities are designed for vehicles, not for people. Modern cities have an overwhelming presence of cars, and parking lots, and contain very few parks. Some cities do not even have adequate sidewalks, or bike lanes, and lack the basics of public transportation. Modern cities are also a lot larger and have more people than … Read more

Marketing Defined

I used to think that marketing was just a push to sell products to everyone by spamming them with advertisements, and other sales pitches. However, marketing is much more than that. A producer shouldn’t be trying to sell a product or service after it has been developed. They should only be developing goods that they’ve … Read more

This Game We Play

♫ Locked away, covered in code, compiling this, compiling that, hacking this, whoops, shouldn’t say that! Scary isn’t it? You just never know, who’s watching you now, shaxor, time to go, on the move, one more time, got to stay ahead. This game we play, this game they play, behind the board, amazing now, scanning … Read more