Judgement of Others

It’s funny, how so many of us will judge other people, when we, ourselves, aren’t actually any better. In fact, the people who judge the most, are the people who have the most to learn. People were clowning this man because he had a pizza and flowers for his lady, riding on the subway. Calling … Read more

Senior vs. Junior Developers

No truer statement has ever been said: There are two kinds of senior developers: Senior developers with over (say) fifteen years’ experience. Senior developers with one year of experience repeated fifteen times. The former have spent every minute of their experience honing their craft — learning, studying, refining, perfecting, growing, and building on their own … Read more

Number Sets

List the sum of all numbers between 7,777 and 70,000, where the numbers are divisible by 7. Identification of the problem The crux of this problem is to break the larger numbers down into smaller sets, or groups, so that we can try and identify some type of pattern to work with. To solve this … Read more


I recently saw a video on YouTube, which covered cryonics. The video got me thinking… The theory behind cryonics, is that a person can be frozen, and then revived, with technology, at some point in the distant future. The goal, is to allow a person to become “immortal”. The process involves refrigerating the body in … Read more

NES Classic Edition

Now You’re Playing with Power… Again.   The nostalgic console is back! Nintendo ran an old school advertisement on their YouTube channel, on July 21st, 2016, promoting their newest “console,” the NES Classic Edition. It won’t technically be a full console, it will, however, resemble the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The chamber lid doesn’t actually … Read more

What Makes You Happy?

This is the last post for 2015, and a good way to start the new year! See you on the flipside! If you’ve reached a point in your life, where you feel like you are “stuck”, and not making progress, you might need to take a step back, and reevaluate your life; figure out what … Read more

Jail Pass

In 1996, a 19-year-old man was arrested, and charged with murder. Although, the man claimed he was innocent, he was convicted of the crime, and sentenced to 25 years in prison. In 2006, after serving ten years of his sentence, a man came forward with an incredible story; that he, in fact, was the person … Read more


In life, one of the most harmful thoughts, is that nothing will ever stay the same. Nothing lasts forever, and, therefore, nothing is worth pursuing. Why start a new relationship, or make new friends, when the odds are against your success? Why start a new business, or invent a new product, when, again, the odds are against … Read more

Monkey “Cheese”

Can a monkey own a technology copyright? This image, provided by PETA, is a court exhibit in a case that states the photographer should be granted copyrights to the image, and, therefore, receive monetary damages, because the photograph was used on the cover of a wildlife book. The catch? The photographer, is a macaque monkey … Read more