This Game We Play

Locked away, covered in code, compiling this, compiling that, hacking this, whoops, shouldn’t say that! Scary isn’t it? You just never know, who’s watching you now, shaxor, time to go, on the move, one more time, got to stay ahead. This game we play, this game they play, behind the board, amazing now, scanning this, what’s up with that? You’re open now, they’re hiding it now, you try and say this, you try and do that, either way you go, they’ve got you now! You’re on the move, this game we play, isn’t it nice? What’s your name? It’s different now, you’re crazy now, they don’t believe you now, you’re running now, call them now, they can’t help you now. It all breaks down, it’s on the line, next line is mine:

Kenneth R. Jones


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