Senior vs. Junior Developers

No truer statement has ever been said:

There are two kinds of senior developers:

  1. Senior developers with over (say) fifteen years’ experience.
  2. Senior developers with one year of experience repeated fifteen times.

The former have spent every minute of their experience honing their craft — learning, studying, refining, perfecting, growing, and building on their own and others’ knowledge. They have nothing to prove and thus no reason to pretend to know an answer when they don’t. They will find the answer, even if they don’t know it now. To the inexperienced, that may make it seem like they’re lost, but they know how to find their way.

The latter are just as lost as the junior developers, because they are junior developers.

They’ve just been junior for a lot longer.

My philosophy has always been that we don’t train students to memorize material in the computer science field; we train them how to locate the material they require. Information in computer science-related fields is always changing. It’s more important that a student understands how to properly locate required information, rather than attempting to memorize material that will be irrelevant by the time they graduate.

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