I recently saw a video on YouTube, which covered cryonics. The video got me thinking… The theory behind cryonics, is that a person can be frozen, and then revived, with technology, at some point in the distant future. The goal, is to allow a person to become “immortal”.

The process involves refrigerating the body in a steel container, which is filled with liquid nitrogen. The blood is removed from the body, and replaced with a cryo-protectant fluid. The fluid will prevent ice crystals from forming inside the body when its frozen, which would damage the cells.

The bodies are suspended upside down inside the container, in order to ensure that the head stays the coldest. The temperature inside the container is then lowered to -320°F (-196°C).

The Issue?

If you’re someone that believes in God, and life after death, then reviving them would be pointless. The body is supposed to be a vessel. Once you die, your soul is supposed to leave your body.

Even if they could revive your body in the future, the person would be brain dead, or, never regain consciousness, because the conscious soul would be gone, in haven, or where ever it goes. You might be able to revive the body with technology, but you can’t put the soul back into the body. God could, but another human couldn’t. If a human could put a soul back into a body, then they have, themselves, became Gods. Technology can’t make us Gods.

The heart might beat, and the blood might flow, but it would be no different than a person in a hospital bed, who is brain dead. A body with no soul.

Putting someone into cold storage, wouldn’t prevent their soul from leaving the body, because the person is dead before they are put into the cold storage.

If they can revive a person, and bring them back to conscious life, then they’ve just proven that life, and consciousness, is nothing more than a chemical reaction within the brain, which can be stopped, and started, given the correct technological skills

That would mean that the “soul” doesn’t exist, and, therefore, never left the body. When the person awakens, it would be similar to waking up from sleep. They would wake up, and time would have passed.

So, if they can be revived, we know the answer, to whether or not the soul, and, therefore, God, actually exists.

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