Ms. Newman Scams Virginia Lottery

This is an old CNN, fake news report from 2015, that I just ran across. This is the story of a Virginia woman, Ms. Newman, who attempted to scam the Virginia Lottery, for $20,000. Upon watching the news report, I was appalled with the ignorance of the CNN reporters involved.

The video clearly shows that there are, in fact, two tickets, that have been cut in such a way, that makes them “appear” as one ticket. However, it’s obvious, to anyone with an elementary education, that these tickets have been altered. You can clearly see the perforations at the bottom of the ticket.

Lottery Ticket 1

You can also see that the ticket has been ripped at the top. The real story, is that Ms. Newman purchased several tickets, scratched them, and found that two adjoining tickets made up a winning ticket. At that point, she tore the tickets apart, in such a way, to make it appear as if they were actually one ticket. She tore both the top, and bottom, tickets.

You can clearly see that the tickets have been torn. It’s amusing that this report appeared on CNN’s “The RidicuList” program, because, this report clearly was “RidicuList”.

During the report, the reporter states:

I’m not sure I want to live in a world, where you can’t even trust your scratch-off tickets anymore.

Well, I’m not sure I want to live in a world, where you can’t even trust the news anymore. There was a time when reporters collected information, and reported on facts.

Upon further investigation, which was apparently not conducted by CNN, I found that this is not the first time Ms. Newman has had this “problem”. I found that she has done this in the past, with a “$52” ticket. In this case, she admitted to taping the tickets together, to create a winning ticket.

Lottery 2

I’m not sure which is more disgusting; the ignorance of CNN reporters, or Ms. Newman’s attempt to scam the system, and then clam she did nothing wrong.

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