Harambe Cheeto Sells for $99,900.00

I found an eBay auction last night. Someone was selling a cheeto that they claim looks like Harambe. I continued to watch the auction for the next 5 hours, until it finally ended around 10:30 PM (Chicago). After 78 bids, the cheeto sold for $99,900.00. I looked around, and found that another Harambe shaped cheeto sold a few days before, for around $100,000.

harambe cheeto

What is sickening about this, is that people are spending a hundred thousand dollars on a cheeto, while other’s are living in the streets, and can barely afford food. So many people can barely make it in day-to-day life, because they are so poor. Yet, we have others, who are, apparently, so wealthy, they can flush money down the toilet.

It seriously makes me wonder, what kind of world we are living in, when some people struggle just to have enough to eat, and others, can spend $100,000 on a cheeto.

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