Ms. Newman Scams Virginia Lottery

This is an old CNN, fake news report from 2015, that I just ran across. This is the story of a Virginia woman, Ms. Newman, who attempted to scam the Virginia Lottery, for $20,000. Upon watching the news report, I was appalled with the ignorance of the CNN reporters involved. The video clearly shows that there are, in fact,… Continue reading “Ms. Newman Scams Virginia Lottery”

Harambe Cheeto Sells for $99,900.00

I found an eBay auction last night. Someone was selling a cheeto that they claim looks like Harambe. I continued to watch the auction for the next 5 hours, until it finally ended around 10:30 PM (Chicago). After 78 bids, the cheeto sold for $99,900.00. I looked around, and found that another Harambe shaped cheeto… Continue reading “Harambe Cheeto Sells for $99,900.00”

Sean Spicer Tweets Password?

Did President Trump’s press secretary tweet his password? On two different occasions, during the last few days, Sean Spicer has tweeted a random string of characters, which looks very similar to a password. What do you think? Is Spicer giving us his passwords, or is something a little more mysterious going on… Maybe it’s a… Continue reading “Sean Spicer Tweets Password?”