Cities for the People

Today’s cities are designed for vehicles, not for people. Modern cities have an overwhelming presence of cars, and parking lots, and contain very few parks. Some cities don’t even have adequate sidewalks, or bike lanes, and lack the basics of public transportation. Modern cities are also a lot larger, and have more people than they’ve… Continue reading “Cities for the People”

Economic Analysis of Sustainability

Oil is the world’s leading source of energy. In 1900, the world produced 150 million barrels of oil, a number that jumped dramatically to 28 billion barrels by the year 2000. In the twentieth century, oil was readily available, and, therefore, very cheap. This expanding supply of cheap oil caused an explosion in the growth… Continue reading “Economic Analysis of Sustainability”

Encapsulation with Property Accessor Rescoping

A better way with Property Accessor Rescoping Overview I have seen many questions about the correct design of a solution that needs to keep fields completely encapsulated, and control who, and what, can write to these fields. There are three key components to encapsulation. The Field The field is the human-readable name that corresponds to the… Continue reading “Encapsulation with Property Accessor Rescoping”