Current Education System

The education system in the United States is severely lacking when compared to the educational systems of some other countries. In fact, if you’ve spent any time at all reading social media posts, you’ll notice straight away, that most individuals can’t even use proper grammar or spelling; what’s more, is that most don’t even care… Continue reading “Current Education System”

Medication. A Cure for Anxiety?

There are several types of medications that can be used for anxiety, depression, and related mental illnesses. Each medication has its own set of side effects, which patients may experience. While some of these side effects might seem terrifying, especially, if a person is already suffering from anxiety, not taking medications, can have just as… Continue reading “Medication. A Cure for Anxiety?”

Ms. Newman Scams Virginia Lottery

This is an old CNN, fake news report from 2015, that I just ran across. This is the story of a Virginia woman, Ms. Newman, who attempted to scam the Virginia Lottery, for $20,000. Upon watching the news report, I was appalled with the ignorance of the CNN reporters involved. The video clearly shows that there are, in fact,… Continue reading “Ms. Newman Scams Virginia Lottery”